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Saturday, March 27, 2010

Three Months!

So I know this post is not only long in coming but also late, sorry!

As the title says Griff and I have been married for three months now! It is so crazy and so amazing all wrapped together perfectly.

I'll try to update you all on the things we have been doing, so here goes:

We went to Canada not too long ago for the weekend to see the Muniz family be sealed in the temple. It was very intimidating for me as I was definitely a language minority but regardless it was an amazing experience. I also met a very amazing man; he knows an incredible amount about the gospel and well .... everything! We stayed with Tom for the one night we spent in Canada and by the time we left in the morning I was almost in tears because I felt like I was leaving a lifelong friend.

I'm now working as a nanny.... again (for those who didn't know). This job is far from anything I'm used to; I work for a doctor and she is on-call for 13-24 hrs so during that time I sit in my room in case she has to deliver a baby or check on a patient. Most of my time is spent on my computer which means I really have no excuse for never updating my blog but alas I am a student too :P

Griff lately has been extra sensitive and ultimately adorable. With his crazy football schedule leaving the house by 5am some mornings and not returning home till after 6pm practically everyday I have been missing him more than ever. Then add my shifts on top of that where I don't see him at night (my shifts either go from 7am to 7 am or 6pm to 7am four of five times a month). We both have class too so that fills the time in between and honestly makes me quite irritable and just a sobbing mess when I'm alone and he's gone, yes, I honestly cry when he leaves me. Anyways, he knows that I've been having a hard time with this situation and has become super-husband; he calls me when I'm at work and reads to me till I fall asleep, I have a really hard time sleeping away from him and this is the only way I fall asleep.
When, on the rare occasion, we have a day together we never run errands alone; it takes longer, yes, but time is so very precious and he knows that it makes the time apart less 'bad'.
I also have been getting stressed with school, homework, and housework; Griff will try to do little things while I'm at my night class so that when I come home we can have dinner and relax for a bit before we have to go to bed. One day in particular I was extremely stressed and needed to write a paper as well as finish the laundry and the cleaning so Griff told me to work on my paper and he'd "race" me to finish things around the house. He did all of the laundry and made me the best comfort food ever; a grilled peanut butter and jelly sandwich, it may sound gross but it is something my daddy used to make me and I haven't had it in years. It's like chicken noodle soup when you have a cold, it just makes you feel better. He knew I was stressed past my ears and starving and trying to get everything done so he just stepped up, he then told me to get cleaned up and took me to dinner 'just because'. I love him sooo much and I can't imagine spending precious time with anyone but him.

So I guess I should have named this post "I love my husband more than anything in the whole world" but I didn't :P

Kylie Ann