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Monday, April 14, 2008


So I just spent the last hour/two hours longboarding down on campus and I freak'n LOVE IT! I did a stadium since it was my first run and well I rocked it! I didn't fall once and I can totally carve it up! I started with as big of curves as I wanted and then narrowed it down so that I only had the width of a parking stall which also made me go tons faster. I dropped into the tunnel too and I was scared at first cuz it's really steep on the one side and you can't see the other side so you just have to go and hope no one is there on the other side. The first time I thought I was going to die but I didn't :D the board I was on shakes pretty bad when you get going and it makes it harder to keep your balance but I still did ok. The second time through the tunnel I got down the one side and was going up the other when three guys came flying down the sidewalk and it scared me so bad! I thought I was going to hit one of them and die or cause us both a lot of pain but all is well and I have successfully survived my first stadium run. . . . . Now for a HYPR run (pronounced hyper; it's the nickname students gave the main sidewalk that runs from the dorms down campus it's also called the hypr highway because it's one of the biggest sidewalks on campus. A truck or utility van can easily drive the hypr with plenty of room on either side. )

~Keyliegh Ann