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Saturday, June 7, 2008

So.... My thumb.... About that....

K, here's the story. I was standing in the window of the Peay's house removing the wallpaper above it. I should have grabbed a stool or something because I wasn't ....'secure' where I was; anyways I didn't and I had a feeling I should have gotten down and worked on a lower section but me being stubborn I decided to finish this 'patch' first and then move to a lower one. I go to step down and step too far back so I lose my balance. I would've simply set my other foot down and been fine but there was a large printer/small copier behind me so I tried to step around that. I did like a 180 and my momentum threw me forward. In front of me was a roller chair and I thought that would be a great thing to grab onto ..... Wrong Again! haha! my hand holding the razor blade grabbed the armrest and my other hand went strait for the seat catching the blade on the way down. Everyone including me was laughing about the fall and it only felt like I had scratched my hand. They asked if I was ok and I said 'yeah'....'I cut my thumb' I looked down and saw just how bad I'd cut my thumb and went to the kitchen to wash it off. Kelly was looking over my shoulder and handing me a paper towel to help stop the bleeding and when I turned the water off and turned my hand over she took in a deep breath and called out 'Ben...! She's gonna need stitches!'

Wednesday, June 4, 2008

My thumb! haha!

I'll tell ya what happened when the swelling goes down haha!