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Thursday, December 20, 2007

Wow What A Day!

So it started pretty good.... great actually! I woke up around nine (I'm not really sure)
and got myself a bowl of cereal. Then I proceeded to eat my cereal while making a fire. It was a nice fire :). I read my book by my nice fire and finished my cereal by that wonderful fire. If you couldn't tell by now I really liked the fire and I was proud of myself because I finally got it started and was no longer freezing. I read all day and sat by that fire wrapped in a blanket (I was rather comfortable).
Mom got home around noon while I was in the shower (yes I planned the timing :D). Well as the garage opened up I knew mom would be upset because I didn't do what she wanted me to do so I grabbed my towel and jumped in the shower before the garage door went back down. I know you're all surprised, but I can move fast when I want to. Ah Haha! Mom was still mad when I got out and probably more so but oh well the shower felt great. She then sent me to get some stuff printed and so left..... When I got home mom was considerably calmer and all was well by my standards :). I continued to read my book and do random chores she asked me to do.

This is where it gets fun!

Then mom left. She was picking up the dry cleaning and doing some other errands. Anyways, she had been gone for a while and the weather was getting pretty bad. Mom called and asked me what I wanted for dinner and told me she was on her way home. We decided on Wendy's and I figured she'd be home in about 20 minutes. Ten minutes later the wind really picked up and I heard a CRASH! on the back porch. I ran to the back door and flipped on the light. I couldn't see anything and then I saw it! Ok so it wasn't anything big, it wasn't really anything but, the lid to the ash can had flown off and crash landed in the ever building snow drift/bank. I didn't really want to go outside in my socks but I knew that dad wouldn't want ash to spread over his yard and I didn't want to lose the lid while I found shoes. So I ran out the door. Keep in mind it's really windy and snowing and I'm wearing ankle socks, sweatpants, and a hoodie over a tank (not exactly snow gear). So I ran out the door and pulled it shut behind me (I was trying to be considerate and knew mom didn't want a snowdrift in the dinning room). I didn't think to check the lock before I ran out and I didn't really think I had closed it all the way. ANYWAYS, I put the lid on real tight while dancing in the snow (yes, it was cold). I jumped up the stairs and grabbed the door handle when to my shock and utter dismay it was locked! duhn duhn dun! I cleared off a small space of the stair and stood alternating feet while I contemplated my situation.
"The front door could be unlocked", I thought to myselft between shivers. "No, I vividly remember the cat looking at me with that sad little face (much to small for the fat body it has acquired recently) while I closed and locked the door. Not to mention I bet the snow is pretty deep along the side of the house."
So I sat, well stood, and waited.
And waited.
And waited some more.

I was sure I'd been out there forever! Huddled against the door hoping to feel the heat from that nice, nice fire I'd built and kept up all day. When my thoughts wandered to the story of The Little Match Girl. Talk about a depressing thought! For those that don't know the story is about a little girl that is sent out in her mothers shoes on a cold wintry night, I expect was something like this one, to sell matches and fake flowers. Her shoes fall off and she's walking in her 'stockings' in the snow. Oh and the little girl dies. So yeah depressing thoughts, I know! At this point I figured I hadn't really been outside that long and that mom would be home soon but I figured I'd count so I had a better judgment of time and so I didn't think about the horrible ways my life could end while standing on the back porch! AH HAHA! JUST Kidding!
ANYways, I started counting "1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13, 14, 15, 16, 17, 18, 19, 20, 21.... I wont bore you by counting all the way :). I got up to about 700 giver or take, all the while hoping to hear the garage open, and I realized mom wasn't going to be home soon. I daringly stuck my head around the corner of the house in search of lights. I couldn't see any! (Mostly due to the blizzard like storm and my fogged glasses). I knew something was wrong so I checked again. The lights were on! There was life! I counted to three and ran around the corner. I made a quick left to check the front door and as I predicted it was locked. So I ran across the street where I was greeted at the door with confused looks. I borrowed the phone and about 30 minutes later mom got home and I ran back across the street in my socks. I couldn't see a thing and ended up running through the yard! It was so deep! I finally get to the door and it's locked! So I franticly ring the doorbell and dance around while mom comes to the door. I dance down the hall while kicking off snow and socks and plant myself by the fire, by the nice, nice fire which I made that was still going. :D.
I have thoroughly thawed since then and am contentedly sitting by my nice, nice fire.

~Keyliegh Ann

Thursday, December 13, 2007

The Official End of My Official First Semester In College!

SOoooo...... I am officially done with my first official semester of college! YAY! I'll find out here in about two weeks how I did and I'm hoping that it all went well. So lets see, there's not a whole lot going on right now..... I was sick and I'm still a little under the weather but doing tons better. Maybe it's partially due to the fact that I don't get tired until about 4 in the morning lol!

Hm..... no new boys to speak of .....well there's Jamel but he's nothing. A football boi that's fun to talk and hang with but nothing more.

I'm adding tons of songs to my list; that is I'm learning lots of new songs on the guitar and I think you will all like them. FISH!! we NEED to play! There's so many songs I've found that I think you would love!

Oh, there is one major ...ish... thing on my mind right now. (Daddy don't worry I'm not getting married ;) :P) There is a girl down the hall that is like 98% sure she's moving out before next semester so her bed would be open. Her roommate is LDS and in my ward.... oh and I lover her! She's a really cool girl and I think we could get along great! So Mallory is moving out and Elizabeth needs a roommate; Liz asked me if I would want to move in with her and I'm seriously thinking I might. I love my roommate but because of different religious beliefs it's kinda hard at times. Things would really change for me and Sara. There are lots of 'little' things in our room that came from me so that would change and room 53215 would no longer be "The Guitar Room". Liz doesn't play guitar but that's ok. Liz is also home most nights whereas sometimes I don't see Sara for over 24 hours and it's just a little hard.

So it's only a matter of time until I'm home for the break! I CAN'T WAIT!!!!! And again only a matter of time until I know if the room will be open and I get to explain to Sara why I want to move down the hall from her. *SIGH*

Anyways, I'm done for now.
Mucho Loves!
~Keyliegh Ann