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Wednesday, February 27, 2008

My Youtube Videos!

So as you all know I have a few videos on youtube and I'm proud to announce that one of my videos has reached 1,000 views! It' s been up for almost two months and it's already reached that number I'm super excited to see where it goes from there. Also exciting about my other videos is that my two newest videos have been getting about one hundred views a week! Compared to some of my videos this is a really good rate and I'm hoping to get a few more out within the next two weeks or so.

The next songs on my list are:
1-2-3-4 by Fiest
Reasons Why by Alison Kraus
It's Time by Anna Free
possibly some other songs by Taylor Swift

Micah's not excited about the song by Fiest but oh well I don't care. I like the song and am going to do it no matter what he says. Either way it'll be a while before a song is posted because my voice isn't quite what it used to be but it's getting there :D. I can't wait for my voice to be back to normal! I can sing now and it's reasonable but I can only sing a song or two before my voice starts to get really raspy and sounds bad lol!

Oh oh oh! So in the works to be recorded are a few songs..... one is called Volcano by Damien Rice and Drew wants to record it with us both on vocals him on guitar and me on violin.... I'm not sure how the violin will go but I can try and see if I can pull it off. The original song is guitar and cello but Drew says it can be done with violin so we'll see. The other songs are both by Drew so he's got to teach me the songs and then we can record them so I'm kinda excited about that.

School's going pretty good and I'm excited for Spring Break although I have nothing cool planned it will be a nice vacation from the books.

Loves to all,
Keyliegh Ann

P.S. I'm gonna try and video record the songs that I record with Drew so that I can post those on youtube as well.

Sunday, February 17, 2008

Steroids, Mountain Air and Gatorade

So lets see .... the other day I woke up and felt just fine. Ok well that's a lie. I felt horrible; I had two papers due that morning and it was going to be a stressful day. I finally finished the papers and the printing and was back in my room exhausted. I climbed up on my bed and fell asleep for almost three hours. When I woke up I had a sore throat and a little bit of a cough. No big deal tho; I'd get some cough drops from Liz till I could run to the store and all would be fine. haha! wrong again. That night I took some Nyquil and went to bed. "slept like HELL!" (peanut, JeffDunham.com super funny character) and woke up choking. I decided to go to the clinic and see what I had and if I could get some drugs for it. They didn't have any openings until Friday so I made an appointment and said I'd come back. Later that day I was getting leaps and bounds worse so my parents came up and took me to the Emergency Room. I got in there and they did a whole bunch of tests only to inform me that there was nothing they could do. I had a viral infection I just had to live with until it decided to stop pestering me. :(

I woke up Friday morning and I could barely breathe. I was planning on canceling the visit at the clinic but decided against it as I was struggling for air. I went to the appointment and the first thing the doctor asked me was if I was asthmatic. I'm not and he immediately started checking me. Realizing that what ever I had was viral he decided to give me a steroid shot to keep my airway from closing and this Epineph shot (some sort of caffeine shot that would speed up my heart and make me jittery but help me breathe). He also gave me these tiny HydrOXYzine pills to help open my air way. FUN!!!!

Because I was having a hard time breathing my parents took me home and well here I am. Steroids, clean mountain air, gatorade, soup.... But most importantly I can breathe! You never really notice how nice a deep breath of air is until you can't take one.

~Keyliegh Ann