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Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Details for those that would ask :)

So after that last post I realized that some of you may be really confused as to where Griff came from and all that stuff so I decided to tell you .... before you asked :) I'm great, I know ;)

Griff and I went to school together from the time he moved to Utah from Cali when he was about 14. I didn't really know him but I knew of him and always thought he was cute. In high school he had a girlfriend and I had a 'boyfriend' but we had some classes together and had plenty of opportunities to talk. We really got to know each other in our English class our senior year and dated a little after the year ended. I really do mean a little, he left shortly after graduation for his mission and I think we went on a grand total of 4 dates. We wrote back and forth for the two years that he was gone but he figured I'd be taken when he got back and I was scared to even consider dating him because he'd be so 'good' and I might not be at the same level.
Well I was taken when he got home but things weren't working out in that relationship and when it ended Griff was right there. We kept things simple at first, casual dates and hanging out for his birthday and then it accelerated like a rocket on it's way to the moon. (ok i realize how cheese that must sound but that's the best analogy I could come up with on the spot)
He's been teaching me Spanish and we read the scriptures in Spanish and English to help with the learning process. During fall football camp he'd call before going to bed and we'd read together over the phone. I love the little things we do together :)
For a while he'd travel back and forth from Salt Lake so that we could do things and when I could I'd drive up to see him after practice. I also got sick a few times and he'd come to see me and bring me medicine if we didn't have it, I loved the fact that every time he came he'd tell me how beautiful I was, I knew I didn't look good but it gave me one more reason to fall in love with him.
It wasn't long before we both knew that we would be getting married but we were both unsure if the other had an answer to that prayer yet. I finally moved back to Salt Lake and three days later we came to the conclusion that we both received the same answer and were definitely going to get married. Two days later classes started and my life became crazy! We talked to our families and set a date to be sealed in the Salt Lake Temple :) It became an official engagement on September 9th, 09/09/09.
Now we're finishing up wedding plans/going crazy trying to make wedding plans and still pass our classes.

Moral of the story: God moves in mysterious ways; neither one of us thought we'd be getting married this soon but when it's right it's right and it's best not to fight it.

Kylie Ann
Soon to be Kylie Ann Robles! :)

I'm Sorry!!!!

I know I haven't said anything in forever!!!!!

I'm engaged! (In case you didn't know) To the most wonderful man in the world might I add :) his name is Griffin Bowdrie Robles he's tall, dark and handsome. He loves me and I love him, which makes this marriage the start of a "happily ever after" for eternity.