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Monday, August 30, 2010

See?! I do have a belly!

See? See? See! Ignore the face above the belly but I had to post proof to everyone that I do look pregnant and not too bad for being 31 weeks if I do say so myself :)
I promise I looked better when I left the house but hours in the wind and heat changed that pretty fast :(
what do you all think about Griff's beard? he hasn't shaved since football camp, I don't blame him since he'd leave at 6am and return at 10pm, who wants to shave when you can sleep?

(This picture is from Fan Fest thanks to Z. Wade and dad's cool new phone) Mom and Dad came up and spent the day with me since Griff was gone almost all day (what else is new?) we had a great time people watching and waiting for the Football Team to show up. Then Griff reported back to the football facility and mom and dad treated me to lunch at Noodles, it was really good!

Well, I'm bored so I imagine you are too, I'll leave you until next time.

Kylie Ann

Thursday, August 19, 2010


I almost bit into my worst nightmare! No, seriously!
Being the pregnant woman that I am I really like to stay away from foods that are even slightly questionable in what my stomach or digestive system will think of them. That being said I was rather excited to eat my last plum (I only bought three and I bought them 3 days ago), my kitchen area is really dark and I hadn't turned on the lights but why do you need lights to eat fruit? I grabbed the plum and noticed it was really soft, I absentmindedly turned it over and all the juice leaked out! This now required lights. Some of the juice was on my hand so I did what any normal fruit loving person did and licked it off, waste not, BAD IDEA! It was rotten! Smelled .... terrible, I leave it at terrible for you since my stomach is turning writing about it. I went to the sink to inspect the mess and well I opened up a completely bad, moldy plum. SEE!?!
Now I'm timidly eating a peach but I think I'm going to chuck this one too and just go with a banana.

Kylie Ann

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Dinner is Served ... :)

From this: (Spaghetti Squash)

To this: (Cooked Spaghetti Squash)
To this: Dinner!

This is supposed to be much healthier than using actual noodles for a pasta dish like this. They taste really good, not anything like the actual thing but I think I could get used to them, they're lighter than noodles and make my stomach and head feel better about eating Spaghetti. Oh and I forgot to mention that this is easier than cooking real noodles :) no watching the pan or scrapping them off the bottom, just pop it in the microwave and let it cook!

Loves and happy eating!
Kylie Ann

Wednesday, August 11, 2010


I'm officially addicted!

I saw these charms at the local fair and wanted to buy every single one I saw but they were kinda expensive and I couldn't validate it so instead I headed to google to learn how to make them on my own and talked my husband into letting me spend a little money which has been very worth it so far :)

I've made 7 charms (with plans to make tons more) and at the 'store bought' price that would have cost me anywhere from $35-$70 ..... I haven't even spent the base price tee hee! totally worth it!!!!! I'm still not as good at it as I want to be but I've come a LONG way from my first one which was gifted to my sister, sorry, I promise to replace that sad little one with a better one :)

these two are are .5 in x 1.5 in and the top one says LOVE one the back side. the tree one is just black on both sides; I didn't want any details besides the tree and just kept it really simple.

The 'JL' one measures 1 in x 1 in and has a hand drawn Dragonfly on the back for my aunt and her love of the bug. The 'Lizzy' one is 1 in x 1.5 in. and has patterned paper similar to that of the one above that Lizzy picked out of my stash. I do all the glass cutting, hand draw all the lettering, and solder the whole thing together. I make them out of a thin glass so they're not as heavy as some you normally find which are only comfortable as necklaces because they will smack you in the hand and kinda hurt as a bracelet.

I'm proud of myself for being able to do this and now to make my mother proud I'm going to devote the same amount of time to cleaning my house haha!

Kylie Ann

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

New ..... stuff

So, We're in our new apartment but pictures will have to wait until everything is unpacked and I can find the cable for my camera and actually upload some haha!

the house/apartment is new.

the horrid football schedule is new :( to give you an idea of just how horrible it is Griff leaves at about 6am and returns around 1pm for a break but doesn't actually come home for the day until about 10pm. It is super hard for me to have him be gone that long and not know when he's really going to be home; if I know he's going to be gone at a normal practice I can mentally make myself ok with him being gone from time a to time b but for these two weeks it's never the same, I can't make a schedule and I have a really hard time with it. His break is never at the same time and he never gets home at the same time so I find myself sitting on my couch just waiting to hear his key in the door. I think I have a case of separation anxiety and sadly I thought that only happened to small children.....

I've made some more hair accessories :)I've also learned to Solder :) it's really fun but I need some serious practice to get my charms to look the way I want them to.

Well, that's going to be all for now,

Kylie Ann

PS I'm 7 months pregnant! yay!