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Saturday, December 27, 2008

...foot surgery...

This is the day after my surgery... not bad eh?My cast... it's a lot longer than I thought it would be and it weighs a ton! I almost got it red and black striped but Dr. Rogers said I'd look like a candy cane so we just did black.
Like 30 min after surgery. Yeah they had me pretty drugged lol!
Before surgery watching the Utah vs UNLV game... It was a rerun but I was still enjoying it.
The doctor drew on my foot to explain what he was going to do, the left side got a pie shape taken out and a wire to straighten the bone the right side got two screws and some bone taken out to straighten my toe and the bone. The extra bumps on each side were also removed if I understand correctly. The lines also represent the incision lines, Dr. Rogers said you shouldn't even see the incision lines once it's healed tho so we'll see when the cast comes off in four or five weeks.
Surgery prep. The nurse was pretty cool and gave me red bandages to match my school colors haha!

Thursday, December 25, 2008


Merry Christmas!
I am loving every minute of this day and wanted to share with you the view from my window, no more dreaming of a white Christmas... it's here!

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Why I am who I am.

If someone asked me why I believed what I do I would be happy to tell them:

Shortly before I turned two a very special person came into my life. Nathan Scott Baird was born, he had severe heart problems and in fact wasn't given more than two months to live. Throughout his life he went through more things then I can even begin to imagine, he was closer to God than I can ever hope to be. He always said thank you to the doctors and nurses that gave him shots or ran tests, through tears even. I can't remember a day that he wasn't smiling even when confined at home due to sickness. There wasn't a life that came in contact with him that he didn't touch. Nathan always loved fire trucks and had always dreamed of being a fireman, one day he got his chance. Some friends had decided to take him to a station and had worked out a tour and the opportunity to sit in the trucks and look around, when they got to the station it was discovered that they had gone to the wrong one and they knew nothing about the tour or the little boy standing in the reception area but a fireman decided he needed to show him around anyways. Not much longer after that the station had an old helmet restored and painted with Captain Nathan and designated truck #3 to be his truck. I can't remember how many times we got to go see the trucks and you can bet that Nathan knew all the sirens and he had his favorites too.

Nathan lived to see his seventh birthday on November 15, 1998 and only 25 days later on December 10 he passed away at home with family by his side. His last request had been to see a dear friend, he was seven and already thinking of others. Shortly before becoming sick and prior to his death he had taken the time to explain to his classmates that death wasn't the end, he would be ok, he'd get a good heart and he'd never be sick again. Only a few short weeks later his classmates would be able to comfort their teacher and in turn my family and me. He was treated as an honorary fireman and the streets were lined with police and the trucks draped in black, with sirens and lights we made our way to his resting place.

Nathan taught me so much about life, love, happyness, faith and God. I have been given a wonderful life with people that love me more than I know. Happyness is what you make it, a smile can change someone's life. And I have faith in a loving Heavenly Father that didn't take a little boy from this earth but gave this earth a little boy for seven years and twenty five days and allowed him to touch lives for a lifetime. I believe that this loving Father has a plan for each one of us and wants us home with him when our time is through. I know that should I follow his plan for me I will get to be with Nathan again, I will have my family around me for eternity.
The Christmas season may always be hard but my faith in God alows me to stand strong and my guardian angel gives me a reason to smile.
Merry Christmas!

~Kylie Ann

Thursday, December 18, 2008

La De Dah! De De Dum! HAHA!

So I'm sitting in my office, a.k.a. on my bed, drinking coffee, a.k.a an interesting blend of french vanilla and milk chocolate hot chocolate, preparing to write about the worlds mysteries, a.k.a I can't sleep. I have a song stuck in my head, I need to clean my fish tank, I really should do laundry, should probably shave my legs again (no real reason just did like two days ago but it sounded like a good idea), I want to make my bed (which makes no sense since I should be going to bed pretty soon anyways), the way my towel is hanging is bothering me, I left my spoon in the sink and now I need it, the order of my shirts in my closet seems really off and my shorts look funny. Not to mention after all that I'm pretty sure I've officially written the longest sentence of my life! AND five minutes ago none of this was bothering me in the slightest. I guess it's just one of those nights.
I talked with fish for almost an hour and a half today woot!
My oven worked over my cookies for Ky but I already told him I made him some so I can't just hide them.
I feel dizzy..... I haven't moved so pretty sure I can't blame it on spinning in my chair or something.
I don't even have a chair.
I have no desire to either finish my hot chocolate or dump it out so I'll just keep drinking it.
Someone just opened the front door.
Ky hasn't answered me in over an hour and he was supposed to come see me today.
The person that opened the door is walking up the stairs.
Denise is the culprit.
I'm writing all of this as it comes to mind.
I didn't have a plan for writing this blog entry.
Oh my neighbors are still yelling about something or other.
I thought they were getting arrested but alas it was only the tow truck.
That cars' music was incredibly loud.
Au Naturale the modern eatery has really good food, kinda pricey tho.
Denise is already asleep and she's been home for less than ten minutes.... nice to see you too question mark.
The "Draft autosaved at 10:28" and it's only 10:26.
I'm purposely hitting enter after every thought hoping someone finds it annoying. ha!
My fingernails are painted with blue sparkles ( I look like a little girl after a craft party) and my toes are black (like a punk rocker but you can't see them so a secret punk rocker).
I just typed that last line while slowly body rolling my head and neck repeatedly.
I'm pretty much the coolest person I know.
I'm pretty sure I need to go to bed.
Welcome to my head when it's not functioning correctly. :D
Oh and I have yet to be able to create shapes/animals out of the textures on the ceiling which bothers me.
I've almost finished my hot chocolate and I realized I would have to take it back downstairs which sounds awful because I just took my socks off and the tile is really cold.
I bought face cleaner today and I'm excited to use it but I think I'll start using it tomorrow.
I only have 1...2...3 pictures in my room currently and I find that sad.
Ky still hasn't answered me and I really wanted to give him his present today.
I just realized I could change my font!
And they all look the same and I couldn't figure out which one it was so I had to copy and paste this line after the previous font to get the old font back.
I'm kinda mad I couldn't really change my font to cool stuff like selfish (which is a really cool font if you haven't heard of it I really like it but there's no real legitimate reason to use it).
My neighbors are playing their music really loud.
and finally my eyes are starting to droop which means I can go to sleep! yay for me (said like eeyore).
Well I'm going to bed now, Sweet dreams dear reader .....tee hee
Keyliegh Ann

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

My neighbors need therapy!

So, I haven't had the privilege of meeting my neighbors but I'm not sure I want to... sounds rude I know any ways here's why.
After spending two hours scrubbing the two bathrooms in my house (they were bad.... still are bad and mom I need some pointers because I can't get the ring out of the toilet EW!) I think my next project after getting the vacuum(s) to work is the floorboards, I'll need a bowl of cleaner and probably another two hours or more. I vacuumed as much as I could but the vacuum is not working well but it did make the stairs took better. The shower is looking much better but I think the only real solution is to take out the grime encrusted caulk and redo it. I'd also like to take the doors off and be able to really clean the track but I'm not sure about doing that right now. Anyways after all that I was tired and to be honest pretty upset, I don't know how it gets this bad, so I laid down to take a nap and then my neighbor decides to leave but he has to let the whole world know about it. He yells goodbye and then honks repeatedly for a while GAH! I wanted to throw a rock through his windsheild! Then eventually two of them are fighting between the houses, she's huggin on him and he doesn't want anything to do with it he's saying 'get offa me!' and 'I don't wanna see you!'....'I'm gonna kill you!' and she's cooing back (while stroking his head...? WEIRD yeah, they're crazy!) 'baby it's ok' ....'yes you do'..... 'I'm here' and all that jazz and I'm thinking lady, he really doesn't want to see you, get over it and then turning to him and thinking; dude, you don't really wanna kill her but I get it, she really is annoying, I don't want her around either. Finally he gets in his car and leaves and she's still cooing crap.
I was going to say finally! Peace and quiet! but no, he's yelling about something again. Oh well, such is life and to every good thing there is a bad counterpart I'm still happy just antisocial when it comes to the neighbors haha!
Keyliegh Ann