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Tuesday, November 27, 2007


Oh lands! So it's November 27th and it's finally snowing.
This is how my day has gone thus far.
Tried to set alarm (last night): didn't work this morning.
Got up late because back up alarm (roomie sara) didn't work either.
Got ready but was late so I skipped breakfast.
Pretty warm day left jacket at home.
Played tennis.... did pretty good.
Talked to some CS buds.
Got on a bus and went to the HC to get a late breakfast.
Came home to do homework and grab notebooks.
Left a little early and stopped by the bookstore. ( The temp had dropped considerably by this time but I was too lazy to go back up the stairs and grab a jacket and gloves.)
Bought a new pair of headphones $20 (Mom & Dad scratch that off the Christmas list). My old ones were officially beat. One headphone didn't work at all and just shocked me when it kinda worked so I didn't use it and the chord was falling apart so the wires were exposed and shredding.
Went to math ......Zzzz need I say more?
Went to the GEEKIEST building on campus. :) The Engineering Classroom Building.
Finished up my math homework and talked to a guy in my ward until CS started.
Sat through Programming only staying awake to laugh at my sleeping neighbors. ... I wish I could show you pictures of some of them!
Walked out of class to see it snowing!
Turned in my math homework.
Waited in the snow for a bus to get me from the bottom of campus.
Rode the bus home and now I'm chillin in my room telling you the story of my day while eating Skittles and Mike 'n Ikes and sniffling. :(

Tuesday, November 20, 2007

MY HAIR!!!!!!

Ok, so, I decided to change my hair and part of the change was color...... I wanted to go dark brown but my only chance to do that was a few days before family pictures and I was kinda nervous about such a drastic change with little time to get used to it so I dyed my hair so I would have time to get used to it or enough time to realize I really didn't like it and change it back to my fun blond ways......... well enough said this is what I did ......... and this is how it turned out :)

Sunday, November 18, 2007


Sunday is by far my favorite day because it's just so relaxing! Well kinda lol! Today was pretty crazy my alarm went off and I got up but decided that I didn't need to get up for anything so I went back to bed. I then woke up at 820 and realized today was Sunday and that church started in 40 min! So I jumped out of bed..... k I didn't really jump out of bed (that would hurt) but I climbed out of bed and got in the shower. I got completely ready and ran out the door, literally, I ran the 4-5 blocks to church and walked in the door at 902. I was late but practically on time cuz I was there when they started. :D :) :D I was proud of myself for getting there that close to nine.
Church was really good, the only thing that could've made it better was a musical number but we didn't have one so....... no big deal it was a great meeting anyways. Speaking of musical numbers I was enjoying a donut at the ward mingle after church and Drew comes up to me and asks me why I'm not wearing shoes (at this point I had been walking around and my shoe broke in such a way that it couldn't be fixed so I just threw them away instead of walking around with one shoe) so I told him what happened and he kinda laughed at me. Then he asked me if I was going to ward prayer tonight (mom don't die) I said yes because I normally go and I'm planning on going as often as I can. After I had told him yes he was all 'we should sing again........I really like it' ...... pretty sure I was beaming and then it gets better! He was all we should consider singing in church and I gave him a questioning look and he was like a Christmas ish song. I thought he meant we would do it close to Christmas and I told him I wouldn't be there because of the the break and he laughed at me and was like well we would do it at the beginning of December.... like the 1st or 2nd week. So as for now it's just a consideration but I'm pretty sure I'll be singing in Sacrament sometime in the pretty near future and I'm so excited! and pretty scared too lol! So yeah that's my story for the day :)

~Keyliegh Ann

Thursday, November 15, 2007

Turn My Wold Upsidedown

So if you didn't notice I have a lot to say all the time and I love playing with pictures :).

So I decided to call today turn my world upside down day for two main reasons ....make that three lol!

1. I was talking with Drew and he had been talking to 'his other band member' and they've been looking for a female vocalist for a long time but they've never found someone with the sound they wanted and Drew thinks I have the right sound! :D I'm pretty excited so I'll keep you updated on how the whole music thing develops.

2. This doesn't really turn my world upside down ....sadly it's become part of everyday life and I'm used to it but that doesn't mean I like it. The boys downstairs decided that Friday was too long to wait to party. So I am currently bopping to the bass rumble under me lol! I was getting ready for bed and I thought they were just playing their music loud cuz they don't normally party on Thursdays so I went down to ask them if they could turn it down a little ( we're pretty good friends so I know they wouldn't mind me asking ). When I got down there they opened the door and they had over 20 empty beer cans ... easy..... their room smelt so bad! Oh and their bathroom! Lets just say they had a pretty good game of beer pong and the bathroom was a mess! SO, I teased them for a sec and they turned down the music and then I left. I was talking to one of the guys in the hall and Danni came up (totally wasted) and lit a poster on fire! The kid is nuts! We put the poster out before it really started burning ( like 1/2 an inch of the corner burned). No worries everyone is safe and Danni is now outside.

3. Last but not least I have started getting dizzy while sitting again :( .... no fun and it's making typing really hard and giving me a headache.

Anyways! Life is great I'm still smiling and I love you all.


~Keyliegh Ann

Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Live Bands and Calculus Carnivals

So today was interesting. I went to a Calculus carnival and actually had fun playing games with math equations..... something is seriously wrong with me! haha! I didn't go because I thought it would be fun I went because I got extra credit for going and I know I'll need it on my next Calc test, but I did end up having fun. Oh and yes I know I'm a nerd.

So then I was going to eat dinner and when I walked into the HC I heard some music and decided to check it out. There was a whole list of bands playing tonight and it was awesome! Two of my favorites were Mela Dramus (I have no idea if that's how they really spell it but that's what my suit mate Shelby said) and Good Morning Maxfeild. Good Morning Maxfeild is now one of my favorite bands ever! They've got a great sense of humor and their music is awesome! The lyrics are clean and catchy with wicked guitar, piano, and drum solos. Personally I think Aaron ( the drummer pictured left) is the cutest.... I kinda distracted him in their show lol! BUT I got him to smile so it's ok. Stuart, the lead singer and guitar is pretty cute too and he's way chill. I talked to him after their show and he was down to earth and way nice. So that was fun for me. I also was introduced to a drink called ENVIGA.... It's an interesting drink but it's pretty good. It was the drink of choice at the concert ( mom, dad, don't worry there's no alcohol in it ) ..... It's supposed to help you burn calories but I just think it tastes good.

~Keyliegh Ann

Tuesday, November 13, 2007

End of a Blah day

I decided yesterday that I didn't want to get ready this morning lol! So I didn't, I got up with my roommate at six and bummed around my room for a while. Put on my chill Utah sweats, a black t-shirt and a beanie. . . . put on my puma's and walked out the door. When I walked into breakfast I got some interesting looks but hey that's pretty normal for me haha! I finally made my way down to tennis and the rest of the day was a blur. Our instructor didn't show up so I put on my headphones and played tennis ( though I kinda struggle at the game ), I tried anyways. Calculus 1 was sometime after that and then I sat in the wonderful *blegh* CADE Lab. For those that don't know the CADE Lab is the horrid place I go to work on my programming. They keep the lab around 60 degrees and I freeze! Oh and I practically live there, some nights I'm in that frigid lab from 1pm to 8pm. I went to my programming class and entertained myself by poking my neighbor to keep him awake ..... the professor is really good at putting pretty much the entire class to sleep. An hour and ten minutes later I was on my way home. I made a new record: 10 minutes from the Engineering Building to the dorms. Now that's what I call uphill power walking :D. I sat in my room till about 6 630 before I went to dinner and then I came back to the box I call home.
Wow what an interesting day!

~Keyliegh Ann

First Blog :)

So this is officially my first blog ever! K, not really but first here and first one I've really wanted to post. :)
I'm at school, nothing new, but something that is new: I have a hammock! it's the greatest thing ever! It's six feet long and six feet two inches wide so I fit in it :D. BTW it's hanging under my bed. Don't worry daddy the boys down the hall hung it for me so it's not coming off anytime soon :).
^( Totally Enjoying the Hammock Although a little worried about falling out still lol!)

Classes are going pretty good. Some days are rough and getting up is hard but even worse is the food. I'm surprised that I've kept my weight because the food is absolutely horrid! Every once in a while they make something amazing like the pasta I had last night; Chicken marinated in a white wine mushroom sauce. It was by far one of the best things I've had this year.

Music: I'm learning a bunch of new songs and loving every minute I get with my guitar. But even better is the new development I've made in music. I met a guy in my ward named Drew, he plays the piano and guitar AND he sings. He also writes music and has been looking for a female vocalist......so when he found out I have been singing for practically my whole life and that I play the guitar he had me learn a song called 9 Crimes by Damien Rice. On Sunday we sang it together for the first time ( its a duet accompanied by the piano ) and he liked it enough that he wants to record it!

Dorm life is going pretty good, I get along with my roommate perfectly at least I don't think I bug her too bad ;). There hasn't really been any more problems with drinking so that's nice. And the problem with Human Feces has stopped lol! But there's been a lot of robbery. Luckily my roommate and I haven't lost anything.

Church is always fun. I'm on the Enrichment Board .... thing it's kinda fun but we haven't really done anything. Oh wait, we did do something lol! On Sunday we had dinner for the Priesthood and the dinner turned out really nice and helped some of the guys so it was good.

Well I'm done for now.