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Sunday, May 24, 2009

Last first date in SLC

Some of you may remember me talking about my first date with Kendall, some of you may not, that's not the important part. On February 7th I we went on our first date and well things went from there; I've loved every date and every chance I've had to spend time with him and appreciate it that much more now that I don't get to see him as often as I'd like. *In case you didn't know I moved home for the summer because of job circumstances*
BUT, before I left Salt Lake Kendall took me out on one last date in the city; he practically recreated our first date to a T, down to times and everything minus some extra cuteness :) which I didn't object to in the slightest.

The date started at 7 with a trip to the store to get coconut milk to make curry, we opted out of the mango curry to make Shrimp, Asparagus, 5 Pepper curry which was amazing if I do say so myself. When we headed to the park we were lacking the RC Helicopters that we had 3 months ago but instead revisited all the places we had gone the first time covering the memories and the awkwardness that were no longer there. He even had his jacket for me (again) so I didn't freeze. It was much warmer on this trip but I am the queen of being cold. After the park we went to 7-eleven to test our hot chocolate mixing skills and then made our way to the hospital parking for one of the prettiest views of the city.

Everything was perfect and I loved that he remembered all of the little details. It's going to be a long summer but I know that every time I do get to see him I'll have fun and it'll be a date I remember.

anywho I'm going to the zoo tomorrow! and I need to sleep so I have a chance of waking up tee hee :)

~Kylie Ann

Makeup.... yup I'm really writing a blog about makeup.... wow

I find this slightly sad of myself; I feel like I can't go without makeup... I don't wear that much but I do wear some to even out my skin, get rid of bags and make my eyes look more open etc BUT I wasn't always this way. I spent the first 16 years of my life (thanks Mom) wearing no makeup at all, unless under the circumstance of a play/production, after that I spent the next 2 or so years wearing very little at all and mostly only mascara. In this last year I have started increasing the makeup I wear and getting a little more creative but still I am slightly bothered by this.
Never in my life would I have imagined owning a case to hold my makeup! I now own one and can't fit it all inside due to my eyeshadow collection ( I've collected over 170 different colors which I love but is sick and wrong!) I'm always experimenting with eyeshadow 'designs' and 'patterns' seeing what I can come up with ranging from outright crazy (Leopard print) to natural matte's.
For the most part I try to keep my makeup as close to natural as possible but the days that I don't wear makeup I feel a little uncomfortable and this is sad. It has helped to be doing yard work because there is no logical reason to wear makeup and I've started to feel comfortable in my skin but I'm not back to that yet and I think I need to be. I may just ask one of you to hide my box and make me go 'au naturale'

Random rant; Done!

~Kylie Ann

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

@ In ! Day!!!! or in other words 2 In 1 Day!!!! :D

I know I already posted today but I just wanted you all to know the minute details of my life, in other words I'm bored and exhausted which makes for a good time when someone need entertaining.... too bad I have no one to entertain....

ANYwho, after working in the Peay's yard all day my foot was giving me more trouble than it's worth so I came home and washed off my tan ;) and then iced my foot while unpacking another box. And now, the reason for this post; drum roll please...... I'm drinking hot chocolate! I think I spent most of the day in almost 90 degree weather in the sun and now I'm drinking hot chocolate.... something is seriously wrong with me!!! Or to be honest I'm just me :)

I'm working on getting a new phone so that I can talk to my boy while I'm home for the summer, it's been two days since I've seen him and I'm going nuts! I knew I would have a hard time with it but I didn't expect it to be this hard. If any of you have some tips to help I'm all ears. And if you have any good/random questions I could ask him that would be good too, I'm trying to come up with a buch of questions to continue getting to know him while I'm gone.

Love to all,
~Kylie Ann

Work work work.... I'm tired!!!

It's only my second day of work and not only do I look horrid but I'm exhausted. The kids are still in school so I'm doing yard work and not loving it but it pays so I'll bite my tongue and keep going. Once the kids are out of school I'll be doing chores with them and then something fun after they've earned it. . . for the one family at least, I don't know exactly what the other family will have me do.

A heads up I guess for the girls and the falls trip....I may or may not be able to go like I thought; it's still in the works but I might be going to Arizona from July to the start of school to Nanny a family there. As soon as I know I'll let you all know and hopefully I can go but if not we have to do something early so I can see you again before the summer is up.

Sorry this is so short but like I said I'm exhausted and my brain is fried.

~Kylie Ann

Thursday, May 7, 2009

DIY!!!! I am now A successful D. I. Y. er! :D

So I have ton's of tees that just don't fit, but I have little connections to all of them and can't stand the thought of getting rid of them and letting someone buy it at DI, what if I saw someone wearing one of the shirts I painted.... awkward! So I decided to take matters into my own hands and do some re-sizing.

I started with this an over sized boxy shirt and one that fit me perfectly, pinned them together and traced the smaller shirt. I then pinned and cut the larger shirt to the new patterns and did the same for the sleeves. Once I attached the sleeves I moved on to the side seams and finished her up :) oh and I did all the sewing by hand. It took about 4 hours and I now know how to do it. I suspect that it'll only get better with each one and once I bring my sewing machine up to Salt Lake it'll only take me about 30 min at most to finish each one.

I have tons of things I want to make with all of my old shirts and a couple of revamp projects too :D I'll let you know how they go

~Kylie Ann

Monday, May 4, 2009

First comes Exercise then comes Marriage!!! .... wait WHAT!?! that's not what I meant, I meant to say Eating Healthy! :)

I wasn't paying attention and that's what happened to the title. I'm not engaged so stop freaking out ;)

ANYways, I decided that if I was going to run a marathon or even a 5K for that matter I would need to stop eating Ramen, or at least eat it less,
**Mom, Dad, I heard that gasp, I know you never thought your daughter would fall into the college trap but I did and yeah, I like it (I bought A whole case of it a while back BUT it's ok because I got it for 14c a package)**
and go back to my healthy eating habits from home. So I made a list of things I needed and wanted and went to the store.

Have you ever paid attention to the layout of a store? First they have the bulk items right inside the door for all the food storage junkies and then they have the friendly reminders for men (flowers and big signs reminding you that it is in fact mothers day this Sunday). After that they normally have something to tempt you, things like cookies, doughnuts, other things you really don't need but taste OH SO GOOD!!! But, if you're strong enough to make it past all that you get to the best part of the store, the outside ring. The outside is were you can find all the essentials, Vegetables, Fruits, Meats, Dairy and most of the time Bread/grains. Picture the food pyramid or look at the more recent food diagram, you can satisfy all of those needs without spending an hour going up and down the inside isles! Notice sugars/candy/sweets/fats aren't listed as a seperate need, you can get the healthy sugars from your fruits and fats from your dairy and meats so you don't need the candy bar although I will admit that they are good every once in a while.

When picking breads/grains go WHOLE WHEAT, if you can't decided what to get look at the ingredients, if it says Enriched Flour or Enriched anything put it back, those nutrients aren't naturally there, which means that it's synthetic AND synthetic is practially pre digested food. It does your body no good. If you find two good types of bread, go with the heaver of the two, not only is it more filling but it's not fluff it's real whole wheat bread.

You can't forget your greens, fiber is essential for proper function of your body, if you can't stand them plain sure, add a little dressing or dip but take it easy and try to get a tofu dip or at least one low in fat. Salads are great too, you may be suprised at the assortment of flavors you can find with just vegetables, add some cheese and an assortment of nuts ( my favorites are Flax, Sesame, Sunflower, and Pumpkin seeds and you can't forget the Almonds :) ) Did you know that fresh lemon juice makes a great dressing AND when you put pumpkin seeds with it it kinda tastes like bacon... :D

Fruits! I love fruit! Natural sugars that wake you up and keep you going! One of my favorite breakfasts is Bananas, Strawberries, plain yougurt, granola, and flax seeds. It's filling but not heavy so when I'm having a hard time waking up this gives me the boost I need and doesn't make me feel tired or groggy. Apples also make a perfect snack, when put with cheese (I always use string cheese because it's easier to pack) and almonds you have Sugar, Protien, healthy Fats and carbs, it'll give you the boost you need while getting rid of your hunger and it's light so it WONT make you tired!

With meats just go lean, don't get me wrong it may sound like I'm saying 'don't eat fat!' but I'm not. Cutting all fats from your diet could actually kill you. You need fat but get it in healthy ways not from the pre digested potato chips.

So next time you go to the store start on the outside, get your Grains, vegetables, Fruits, Meats, and Dairy. Then venture to the isles for canned goods and other things like jam, peanut butter, or whatever you may need for cooking but by this time you should have what you need and the other things are not only much more expensive but they're not as pleasing and your cart or basket may already be full or at least should be ;)

Today I spent a little under $40 and I brought home tons of stuff! Not just a few bags full of cereal and pop tarts, I brought home real food! Good, healthy, and might I add happy foods.

I've probably bored you to tears by now and you probably already noticed this about the grocery store but I was excited that in one trip around the outside of the store I got everything on my list and for a good price too. Now with that I'm going running :) Day one of my 8 week 5K program, wish me luck!

~Kylie Ann