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Monday, August 18, 2008

An update from my hammock!

I know, I know. It's been way too long but my life has been pretty busy and pretty crazy, the last week and a half hasn't been any less hectic but I decided to take a minute and tell ya what's been going on.
I moved back to Salt Lake City and it's been a lot of fun; training days are long and kinda hard but the people I work with are a lot of fun and getting to know them helps make the days go faster and seem better. I live in the Residence Halls again but I have a double to myself for at least a few more days at which point I'll get a sweet, little, freshman roommate until they find her a permanent room (which could take till late September, not exciting but the odds say they'll have a room for her in two weeks so I'll just deal with it). My suit mate Alishia is one of the coolest people ever! She's really shy and so it was hard at first but she does little things that totally make my day; she'll draw things on the mirror that always put a smile on my face, currently I have a fishbowl with a goldfish named Skipp that she redraws pretty much every day to make him bigger. Going back a little bit; I work as a Student Host for the University of Utah meaning every two weeks or so I take high school students interested in the U around campus and show them what a day might be like if they lived here they also stay the night and get to experience things first hand that you normally wouldn't when looking into a school. With that I get a free double room on campus which is why my coming roommate will be relocating. All of the Student Host's are a lot of fun and we all along really well setting this year off to an awesome start.

As the title says I'm sending this from my hammock! I finally got my bed lofted and well it's super tall so I hung my hammock under it when I got back from swimming with the Student Leaders, sat down with my music and my computer and decided to let you all in on my life's events. I'll get some pictures up with time.

Good night to you and fantastic dreams!
~Keyliegh Ann