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Thursday, July 22, 2010

skirt skirt, I made a skirt :)

So I've been crafty lately and I promised I'd post the things I've done so here goes!

I've wanted a circle skirt for a long time now and I figured I could make one easy enough. Six cuts later, some pinning and sewing I had done it!

You can't tell from the picture ( I had to use my phone because my camera is dead ) but it's a very pretty plum color. So all layed out it looks really cute and fun but I made it out of Jersey knit material (so it would stretch over the growing belly and fit after the baby arrives) which is a great comfy matterial but it looked like a limp rag around my body and I was convinced that it was a lost cause.

I was pouting over the loss when I looked at my lap to find the skirt bunched a little to I pinned it and stood up; SO COOL! It hung really nicely so I proceeded to pinch and pin all the way around until I found the pattern I liked and then stiched all of the gathers in place.

I love the final result!

Kylie Ann

Monday, July 19, 2010


Here's a list of some 'Firsts' in this pregnancy;

obviously it's my first pregnancy :P
I first saw the baby at 10 weeks
In the same ultrasound he was perfectly still untill he started kicking like he was running a marathon. This marathon only lasted a few seconds and then he was perfectly still again.
I felt my first kick at 16 weeks while sitting on the couch at work.
We think the first time I felt hickups was at about 20 weeks.
At 20 weeks and 3 days we descovered that he was in fact a boy.
This is the first time in my life that I've had heartburn and I really don't like it.
By aprox 22 weeks I was noticing his first responses to things outside the womb; he kicks when Griff leaves in the morning and kicks when Griff puts his hands on my stomach.
At 24 weeks I saw his face for the first time (in an ultrasound).
25 weeks marks not only where I am now but also the first time he has moved for long periods of time; today he kicked and rolled over one spot on my side for 25 min! It was very entertaining and yes, I sat there and just smiled the whole time. Who needs Tivo? I have a kid! Well Fetus :)

Kylie Ann

Friday, July 16, 2010


So my life is full of changes right now and I'm working on more changes too.

I've finally changed the look of my blog.

I've made a resolution to update at least once a week. (please be patient as I work into this since we've seen how well I've done lately haha!)

I'm moving to a new apartment where Griff and I will be able to begin to really build a home together and I'm beyond excited! For those that don't know we've been living in his grandparents basement; not that I don't love it here and everything but I will be able to expand from a bedroom and bathroom to a full apartment with two bedrooms, a bathroom, my own kitchen, living room and walls I can decorate to my style and hearts content!

Packing; packing totally counts as change :)

The biggest change in my life right now is the ever growing Roblecito. He weighs about a pound now and he's about a foot tall. If you're still confused; I'm pregnant, it's a boy and I'm 24 weeks and 5 days or in other words 6 months along! Yes, I realize that I should have talked about this sooner but with everything going on I've lost track of time and slacked off. Only under the recent circumstance have I been able to to really think about the blog thing. Present circumstance being bed rest, now granted it's only for a week but still, I have a ton of time and not much to do so what do I do? Play games on the pod, sleep, eat, sew what little scraps of fabric I can get my hands on, wait for Griff to get home and entertain me or just talk to me, watch movies and then it hit me; *thought* "You have totally forgotten to update your blog!" * So here I am repenting and doing my best to start again.

I know this is not entertaining at all but I'm going to try and write more often and maybe even get my camera up and running again so that I can show you all the nifty crafts I've been working on over the last while.

Kylie Ann