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Monday, January 31, 2011

Calling all those who really really really dislike their local DMV!`

WARNING: This post is most certainly going to be a rant/vent. If you don't want to read it I totally understand.

o as you can probably tell I'm not happy with my latest DMV experience and here's why;
First it was nearly impossible to find! Why? It's located inside the Utah State Fairgrounds...... WHY ON EARTH!?!?!?!?!? No idea. After looking up the location online and then calling family to look it up again because the address I got sent me somewhere weird and then driving in circles for almost an hour I finally saw a ridiculously tiny sign inside the fairground parking lot pointing the way. Who ever decided that this particular location was a good idea deserves to be beat and whoever made the sign deserves it just as much if not more.

Then when I get inside, I had already filled out the paperwork mind you, I was told that my small Birth Certificate Card (the only one I've ever had in my possession for the last 20.99726 years) was not adequate and that I needed to go and get a 'real' one. $18 later I was back at the DMV.

Then I needed two pieces of mail; the only mail I get are the ones labeled "to our neighbor" or medical bills which happen to all look exactly alike and the man at the front desk informed me wouldn't count for reasons I cannot explain. I went out to my car and found the nastiest, dirtiest, most crumpled piece of mail I could find, which mind you was just another piece of medical mail and took that back in, somehow this worked. I'm not complaining that it worked just that they have to make it so hard!

I get my picture taken which is absolutely terrible; is my face really that fat now? Holy cow I have a long face and unnaturally huge forehead! Not to mention all the makeup in the world couldn't cover up the bags under my eyes or change the fact that I now look like I have two lazy eyes due to my lack of sleep.

The guy proceeds to print my paper copy forgetting to change my name taking up more time to go back and fix it and then....To top off the whole trip..... My old DL expires tomorrow; on my birthday.... my 21st birthday so I had to come in today and now for the next 5 years I will posses a card that states I am under 21 until a date that will precede me actually getting my card for 4-6 weeks. Honestly!? Come on people! Work with me! I have less than 12 hours till the whole becoming an 'adult' event and I will be questioned on my age until my 26th birthday because I came in a whole 12 hours early.

Lets just say that today hasn't been the best day ever but all things considered I'm still alive, I have a beautiful baby boy that is almost 4 months old and I have a husband who loves me even when I haven't managed to do my hair or makeup or get dressed in the past week.

Enough now

Kylie Ann


Jess said...

I was laughing out loud, only because I have TOTALLY gone through that crap at the DMV! Everything is so impossible...they thought I was my sister-in-law, convinced that Mike was my brother, not my husband. Wow. Oh well--everyone knows you'll be 21! The stupid government is just that--STUPID. :)

Heather said...

I'm so sorry B! I hate days like that where no matter what you just can't win. I hate to say it but Ohio is even more particular!!! Arg. Who decided all of this/ Let's have a mass beating. :P

Amy Elise Broadhead said...

K yeah I win. I couldn't get mine because I had sent in my green card to Canada to get a passport just in case I got sent out of state for my mission. Well I had to wait until I got it back 3 weeks after my 21st. EEEEk Then it came after I left so my mom had to send it to me in the MTC. Ha annoying. It was probably a tad less complicated for me though because my lack of spouse. It's just me. Ha