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Monday, August 30, 2010

See?! I do have a belly!

See? See? See! Ignore the face above the belly but I had to post proof to everyone that I do look pregnant and not too bad for being 31 weeks if I do say so myself :)
I promise I looked better when I left the house but hours in the wind and heat changed that pretty fast :(
what do you all think about Griff's beard? he hasn't shaved since football camp, I don't blame him since he'd leave at 6am and return at 10pm, who wants to shave when you can sleep?

(This picture is from Fan Fest thanks to Z. Wade and dad's cool new phone) Mom and Dad came up and spent the day with me since Griff was gone almost all day (what else is new?) we had a great time people watching and waiting for the Football Team to show up. Then Griff reported back to the football facility and mom and dad treated me to lunch at Noodles, it was really good!

Well, I'm bored so I imagine you are too, I'll leave you until next time.

Kylie Ann

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Jess said...

You look SO CUTE!!! I can't believe your little boy is almost here! Oh wow. You are going to be a MOTHER. Woo-hoo!!!!